How to revenge yourself on your boyfriend

Has your boyfriend upset you? I went out for a girls night out with a few of the girls at the London escorts which I work for, and we ended up chatting about how we would revenge ourselves if our boyfriend played us up or were unfaithful to us. Most of the girls I work with at London escorts would probably just kick their boyfriends out, or cut up their clothes, but a couple of the girls came up with more creative solution.

What would I do? Well, I think if my boyfriend was unfaithful to me, I would want to humiliate him in public somehow. I have often thought about what I would do, and as I am currently training to be a BDSM mistress at London escorts, I think that I would go down that route. Over the years I have come up with all sorts of ideas, but my favorite one at the moment, would be to tie him naked up to a tree and tell I would treat him to a BDSM session. My friends from London escorts laughed, but to be honest, that is what I would do.

One of the other girls said that she would do something similar but involved a much more elaborate scheme, and I am not sure that I would go to so much travel. Of course, I would not only tie my boyfriend to a tree, I would take photos and if I felt really evil on the day, I would put them on social media and pass them around my friends at London escorts. I am sure that he would quickly be the talk of numerous London escorts services.

Is seeking revenge a good thing? Well, this is it. I am not sure that it is. If an act of revenge backfires on you, you are the one likely to end up looking the fool. This is the one thing most of the girls at London escorts were worried about and I must admit that I agree with them. I would not want to end up looking a fool in front of the other girls at London escorts. Perhaps it could be better to stay away from acts of revenge and finally try to move on instead.

I am pretty sure that I would want act out some sort of revenge, but would I actually do it? The best kind of revenge you can perhaps undertake is by finding yourself a new love as soon as possible. Nothing tends to annoy an old love more than seeing something with a new person. I think that is what I would do. Do men seek revenge? One of the girls here at London escorts say that they don’t do that, but I would say that is not true. Men can be just as nasty as many women, I am pretty sure that a lot of guys would try to seek some sort of revenge if the relationship ended under certain circumstances. Would my boyfriend do that? I don’t know, but if he did, I would just get my dominatrix gear out and let him know who is in charge.…

The Dominatrix to the Rich and Famous

Most of the girls who run a domination service for an escorts in London agency will find that they have a lot of wealthy dates. It seems that a lot of rich people really appreciate the art of domination. When you visit a wealthy gent in his home, you may even find that he has a lot of pornographic domination art on his walls. Now I just take it in my stride but when I first started to work for London escorts, I was surprised to discover all of the erotic art in wealthy homes.

Speaking to the gents that I date at London escorts, it is clear that some of them even almost have a family tradition of dominance. One of the gents that I have been dating since I joined this London escorts service, says that his father visited a dominatrix. He does not have a problem with it all at all, and he is happy to talk about his father’s domination habits. His mum was okay about it, and used to refer to them as his little adventures. Still until this day, it does not bother him.

As a matter of fact, this gent his married and his wife is okay with him enjoy the company of dominatrix girls from escorts in London. I am not sure how long he has been involved with London escorts, but I think it started from rather early on in their marriage. How I would feel about that I am not so sure. I have met his wife and she seems to be a very nice lady, and they seem to have a really good and happy marriage. Perhaps acceptance is the key to a happy marriage.

Speaking to the wealthy gents I meet through escorts in London, it soon becomes clear that they all had nannies when they were little boys. Does that I have anything to do with it? I think that it might do. Many of the gents actually speak very fondly of their nannies but I have a feeling a lot of them were strict with my boys. It could be that this is why so many wealthy gents seek out a domination service from escorts in London. That is fine with me, and I am sure that I fulfil a need.

Were my dates closer to their nannies than their mums? That is also part of the reason. Most of them talk about their childhood a lot but seldom mention a mum. Most of the time they talk about their nannies. It is clear that their nannies told them to do this and that. I have personally never met a nanny, but I would like to. Perhaps she would have some of the same traits as I do. I am not saying she is going to wear PVC and thigh high boots, but I have a sneaky suspicion that there is something to this theory of the upper class nanny. Mary Poppins may have been all sweetness and light, but maybe most English nannies are not like that at all.

No giggling but I think this is true. I know a couple of guys who still worship their nannies – they all love stuff like erotic dominance art! The English nanny was certainly the boss of many households before boarding school.…

Cathy’s Climatic Evening

Cathy’s Climatic Evening

To say that Cathy was having a bad day was an understatement; she had worked twelve hours on little sleep, and she had been arguing on and off all day by phone with her husband. He had been avoiding her, and she had her suspicions that something was going on. More specifically, she suspected that he had been seeing someone else and she pondered how she would react if that were the case. Thinking of life without David was unbearable, and she was determined to make their marriage work no matter what it took. She was on her way home a few hours early to talk to him about their relationship, and to hopefully get some insight as to what might be going on.

Cathy walked into the house and found that the lights were off, which was unusual. She walked up the steps but suddenly stopped when she heard moaning sounds; moaning sounds from a man and a woman.

Cathy instantly knew what was happening, and she thought about how to handle the situation. She was not surprised, and she knew what was going to happen unless she took control of the situation. She thought here goes nothing, and opened the bedroom door.

Her husband and his mistress were sprawled across the bed with him on top of and inside of her. They bolted upright and grabbed the sheets to cover their naked bodies, her husband stammering apologies. His horrified mistress was frozen on the bed, expecting the worst.

Cathy did not speak a word, but rather began to undress as the stunned cheaters watched. Needless to say, they were confused and surprised. Cathy slid onto the bed and began to fondle her husband’s mistress. She kissed her passionately, thrusting her tongue deeply into her mouth as she slid her hand between her legs. The mistress moaned with delight, closed her eyes, laid back on the bed and spread her legs. David thought his cock would explode. He could not believe this was happening. He leaped into action and began licking and touching the women all over their bodies. He thrust his dick inside of his wife with no warning to which she screamed in delight. He thought he would cum right then so he pulled out and watched as his wife ran her tongue in and out of the mistress. After he had a moment to regain his composure he rammed his hard cock inside of the mistress as his wife watched in delight. He then pulled out of the mistress, grabbed his wife and bent her over and forced himself inside her from behind. The mistress came over to Cathy and licked her breasts and rubbed her clit while her husband rammed her from behind. When David came he yelled out loud as the women smiled devilishly.

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